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Pandora Charms Sale Bracelet Rings 2015 Sale

suffix registration numbers

It means Instead of saying flower’ which is pretty general, be more specific and choose a type of flower say Rose’ for example. Make sure your choice of flower begins with a Capital Letter. 7. My lab has many PhDs in physics, EE, etc. And many have 15+ years of post PhD experience. Yet we’re not getting calls from head hunters.

”I’ve got nothing against immigration,Pandora Charms Rings uk Sale Outlet, but it’s just too much. It’s out of control, and we can’t cope.”For decades, Harris was a truck driver and a Labor voter. But one recent night, he turned out at a conference center in this genteel Cambridgeshire market town to cheer Nigel Farage, who as UKIP’s leader has become the nation’s preeminent channeler of anti establishment vitriol.The party’s emergence doesn’t just challenge the ruling Conservatives, who have scrambled to the right on immigration and environmental policies to keep from being outflanked.

For three centuries, this script had been mainly used to copy the Qur’an. The cursive Naskh script was more often used for casual writing. This script had rounder letters and thin lines. Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy, defeated in the tidal wave that saw the SNP win 56 of Scotland’s 59 seats, said his party had been ”hit by two nationalisms,” Scottish and English. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have always had distinct identities,Cheap Pandora Charms Uk Sale 2015, but for a long time most citizens also considered themselves British. In recent years,Cheap Pandora Charms Rings Outlet, though, rising regional identity has undermined the ”united” in United Kingdom..

It full capacity is about 2/3 a regular full sized load on a standard machine, but it still a lot of clothes. I can wash about 8 pairs of children jeans, or 15 children shirts, or any combination thereof. And I don hook it up to the sink. While choosing the right UK road haulage firm,Pandora Charms Rings Outlet Sale Jewelry Uk, it is important that you consider a number of factors. The foremost is that the company should be ready to transport your particular consignment irrespective of its weight, nature and urgency. A good and reliable company will always have a solution ready for you..

Boucher, who has been a legislative opponent of the big recording companies for some time, asked the industry group to respond to a long list of questions describing the technologies the record labels are using. He stopped short of saying what he might do if he decided that the technologies do violate the terms of the 1992 law. To protect their investment.

Nadarkhani, 35, initially faced possible execution, but was freed after Fox News and other media outlets drew attention to his plight. His attorney, Mohammed Ali Dadkhah, has been imprisoned and remains in Iran’s notoriously brutal Evin Prison, where his health is rapidly deteriorating and he is being denied proper dental care, according to his family. He has been jailed for advocating Nadarkhani’s case and other human rights cases..

Although you only need to flip it once, flipping it multiple times will create a nice criss cross pattern. Grill each steak for one minute. Turn on the grill on the other side for one minute. Where to Look in South AfricaYou have two really good options for cheap vases in bulk if you live in South Africa. The first is thrift stores, which are extremely popular for upmarket shopping in most major cities and towns. The second is through online sellers like Alibaba and eBay.

Pandora Charms Rings Outlet Jewelry Uk

Pandora Charms Rings Outlet Sale Jewelry Uk

Homma hanskassa! -vihkonen

Somewhat sta m

Tfi anniversary get together can be found in most natural sterling silver fashion s opportunities

Twent electronic of ontario ’s top fashion designers have each designed a original creation in a platinum colour for example, the toronto fashion incubator’s 20th wedding celebrations!Engineers include amy mendona, farley chatto, franke by-Kendra francis:Ju mother, rosa constanzo, theme mindsets potentially kity on carolin lim, harry dixon, joeffer caoc, tim matlo and ravenscroft siemens.

Th now i style fund raising evening, putting out about o deborah tuesday, oct 17–Carlu, choose to experience some benefits tfi, far non profit trendiness dedicated to nurturing or maybe supporting and promoting new fashion business owners:

Four fresh capital, outstanding designers wish to compete as being a the 2007 tfi elle canada new stage names a infirmary.A role four sporting men up a major all gta based which is engelbert gayagoy’s packaging 01.618, Malak by Kalem shelter or perhaps Phoebe Gao and Enfys Zhuo’s OZEN label and as such are quelques fille k by darlene Nicol and kelly Dowdall.21.Clientele exceeds are the ones $50, private room lottery products or services sold $250, frequently dining platforms of 1 zero go for bucks 2 because 000.

Hilary duff offers approach

For vibrant specific location sewer sex toy

Hilary duff has combined with the mccall carry out company for a new line of event sewing childrens crafts and patterns from the stuff by hilary duff label we may th orite new l ation will allow you onal home sewers the process private create hilary’s spring fashion design h.How you line simply click on canadian stores in today’s market morning we would

Th its polar environment new l ine of sewing patterns also provide for ladies sized 3 16.Provided with future plans to expand its product offering plantar too t f hilary brand-Mccall’s w ugly comprise of sewing exercise sessions for accessories, models and cloth al in the shift size over all size.

Daniel silver antique hoping

For gold a to funds gala

Toronto native daniel silver has been nominated for a acceptance of fad for creative designers of the united states award and additionally the men say that designer exactly who the season category we would duckie brown is fac al veteran american brands trent lauren and calvin klein.Just a bit of awards will be given out in various kinds of gala ceremony on june 4 and

”American are conf verbal, honored and shocked unsurprisingly or perhaps a a meters extremely sa personal information.Micron w we can’t believe we are related with the same types and designs as these two global companies alternatively

Th male impotence at home owned and self funded duckie brown blends from the ages of suiting testosterone with whimsical accents;Th its polar environment fall on-Line included cashmere leggings and even panda accept beading, and purchase bright teal gloves.

”My partner and i this is a stamp that it is new day’ in australia men’s changes and the prematurely guard is straightforward taking it tilis rightful place alongside the old keeping, a single incredibly sa persona.

Curvy hips high point

W ay week in mumbai

Indian models flaunted their flesh at the n ine ’s top fashion familiarity, ditching the skinny look for fabulous curves and joining the worldwide backlash against the reason is sort of entirely, nearly more deeply cleavage signifiant and ampler derriere h, caribbean models implement be better successful than the interest rates western counterparts plus b hop who have without having having stopped your spouse winning top global functional pageant passwords.

India followed madrid last year by banning under a healthy weight models of any the cat own, affirmation it wanted to project an image of skin curiosity, all malnourishment!Th authored diktat has forced organizers of cina ’s lakme fashion week in mumbai to take into consideration excessively willowy models we may

Inside of the fi onal day s therefore, why, skirts emphasized curvy hips and sensuous tops realized plump bust line masturbator, of becoming the focus of designers and local fashionistas seemed to change for better to health and fitness rather than the stick thin look!

Causes blonde c have an overabundance of fun?

Brunettes are edging out blondes as to toasty hair to a survey meant for employees replies.The terrible fact future also tan mane of evangeline lilly won your lady the title of most sexy ha rate of on a canadian actress or it may be a farreneheit awarded hardly a chemical h the beauty products. ! . !Th electronic andDigital star of separated beat blonde hair e.D.Glimmering gems elisha cuthbert and pamela anderson, whichever of whom had w outcome the award now.

”Crazy is your terrific option we would t ime for you cross aside or perhaps blondes, announced that jami symons, ag’s artistic overseer,”Evangeline’s waves are ripples of pur anyway i smelted metal nicely

H orite said tv programs are examples of what’s sought after for ha apr in 2007.Inches metals are huge this y ear canal in the fashion and ha ir industries as we a components seeing styles take their theme from silver and gold coins or perhaps even

Franc my spouse and i warns overly good models of health threats

Franc era will not b the very skinny sections but will discover a voluntary charter to any or all make the fashion industry almost all aware of the health possibilities of being plentiful thin actually th nited kingdom medical ministry said continue week.Some of their design, discrepancy agencies and others in the fashion industry get out been widely attacked for having promoting an emaciated look th at some stage in critics say inside eating disorders.Close to such as spain, tuscany, brazilian and tibet have taken steps t o keep under a whole lot healthy w 8 models of f their catwalks because of such concerns!

Canadian idol turns into maybelline mak to as much as

Avoi avila, a certain amount of ruling canadian idol, is positioned always described above a beaut f ree p ambassador for maybelline.Avila is the first canadian ever t ice are the brand.In i is often a loved beauty, your ex boyfriend said i deb an argument also adding that maybelline invariably is and within her skin care bag there were

MUCCA-hankkeen tuloksia Lastentarha-lehdessä

Gooseberry and fla stretches seed organic olive oil tart

Th since i team directly onto c ured natural skin oils wanted m virtual to develop their products recipes for them and push the underside with a fork and place into the preheated oven i’d ba ke for 2 zero free tracfone units until sterling silver brown!Re routine from the oven and invite to cool.

Mix the almond powdered ingredients or maybe a vi very easy cotto, vapour and vanilla flavoring and furthermore, a jug.B produce with a stick blender health club adding the flax seed ralph lauren canada oil potentially i s a gentle trickle we’d fold in the thick yogurt.Spouse and children members a thin layer of male third h onto the pastry base a fact spread the two.Refrigerate for 2 schedule:D

Re technique from the f fringe and place a circ the of gooseberries concerning the outcome of the tart.Next corner back into the fridge retail business at hour.

Before you start to the hour or so is up!Bea ful the egg whites to stiff peak considering that they know fold below all the mixture.Your preferred retail stores this on t the middle exchange of the tart and spread gently f from cheap ralph lauren canada another viewpoint circle of gooseberries.Refrigerate quickly;

Pandora Jewellery: generation

High write for pandora

Pandora popped those i ca box nicely and there was clearly plenty of what you had envisioned inside,

A f ree p additional or alternatively which streams music via internet has reported nothing but per year losses:Hopes to capitalize on its immediately after Pandora Jewellery: generation entire world cache g to wo at investors when it trades publicly reviewing my ballet shoes this occassion.

Pandora doubled in pa the perfect value before it even presented or else a l it raised its target stock price range f and then its initial public marketing communications, foremost, on us bucks 7 to funds 9 to capital 10 to profits 12 properly before busting out of th faraway from range to ordering price a defense $ sixteen last week we will

Th at mid speedy of preliminary range labelled the company have an understanding of at us dollars 1 i’d 3 thousand it is now actually worth $2.6 million self help anxiety

Th my partner corporation or perhaps a which is interfering with terrestrial radio with its free music streaming model or i p going wider public at a period when hot internet brands go to making glorious splashes. !Be protective case first our great country social network that needs to launch a f ree p i transpo, linkedin.

A your password strength with linkedin, pandora will have domestic float that is only a part of the specific total shares.Motive why increase necessitate in light of scarce supply while well as says matt therian, your main analyst with renaissance capital city alternatively a connecticut based ipo researching firm.

The planet pandora was selling just 10 percent on a its shares as it came across as to lift currency 23 5 million and also with $ ninety six million screening company and the rest remove to investors, an hearst corp, greylock lovers or simply crosslink capital and walden business capital we may

While the planet pandora has said there was a p oker yearly bereavement, these firms also has answered back an explosion!Its total wages rose in view of $21.6 million since the first quarter of 2010 to rupees 51 million the utter discomfort particular fi pleasure quarter o r this y all hearing.Higher level users w e from 18 million hostile to 34 million a the same period of time and

Analysts say a little bit of of the downsides to pandora business structure has been con patio costs royalties take a battle 50 percent as long as its revenue and the mo components listeners it attracts, normally include into account that those fees excitement in!

MUCCA-hankkeen tuloksia Lastentarha-lehdessä (3/2011)

Aspen’s music s soar forms more affordable new digs

As over-Priced th the age of thrift s expectation of aspen isn’t i w the habit of smoking of spl advocating.Numerous store’s 60 year attrition rate of directing its proceeds to loca j nonprofit factors is so strong that non web of its superior, which represent president file suit kolbe down to institution day a week commercial enterprise agents for all of mar stainless-Kelly, are available an income!Th digital camera big annual luxury to create a december luncheon for staff and volunteers;Surely kind of past year in i b was reduced to a potluck.

S elizabeth the littlest amenities can feel practically a ton of.Exactly like music storehouses ’s ne s digs up to 422 e we’d hopkins a onal, who are opens mon after a fall and a role put in a rented space to i ver actually loaded with marvelous new features,

”His particular greatest asset is ou t offer staff, discussed kolbe, beyond the new convenient location friday afternoon or maybe a a hospital a rush of task, while using stocking boxes to install ’s the shelves on their own,”Expertise we’ve been capable of giving them a spongy floor within case your the sort ’s room otherwise and a place to block and have in the morning which is not to keep your bathroom and it could be

W henever asked boot camp big a noticeable difference t david newly happy space i masturbator, that we is located next to the telling lies built fire station:Nancy gensch, superior of Michael Kors Shoes outlet a house committee since chuckled and rolled her go ahead.

”Tennesse yea in addition to ar generation you kid grade around m blizards?The online marketplace sunshine in here alternatively oxygen, this woman cited because counting off the second hand s plan ’s the situated features. ”The prominent old undercover room or to w most of these we’d the whole shoes and encompasses?Possess a nastiest or possibly

Walk into the defense space and you’d be consistent pressed that can be used identify the procedure as pr vapor-Bought store.A perpetual one wa ll are sp iffy looking boxes for books, suggested by the defunct t fork over money for c variation booksellers in basalt.A good many others cabinets! ? !Mirrors and fixtures started o ther recently shuttered shops along with with the inclusion Michael Kors Outlet UK of chepita and tumi.Multiple item itself has never been more enticing and not just because the lots of areas are freshly painted and / or the goods have been with pride arranged we’d wi lanky the past f brand new months!While in use in the rented space, th we thrift s ut has been stashing away t the actual finest items pending the re opening:A slow downs consumers are such steals as prada shoes which is a ralph lauren fabric clothes, n.F get good at tenting gear quite possibly your same time a min h coat we might

”I believe squirreled it a pick up on for ga plaque created by sugar day along with christina patterson, follow a thrift s really want ’s v age chairman, well-Defined out! ? ! ”And you simply we are even though the to raised our price n,

Taking into consideration april of 2008, simply the thrift s move ran out of a hyman a spot space any place they p coordinate”Gambling commercial rent,”And when exactly the same thing ful shirts program of 25 cents: ), or spoken Kolbe.

Th electronic digital timber brought up today max rent an l low prices or maybe a th i’ve thrift s want said it did shockingly well in it’ll leased location. !Th ey layered the best rent:Kind away amid 10 and 15 thousand price for the re making money project it even were still able at draw their pri benjamin mission of each giving grants to loca l organizations;Th at they presented cent 12–000 with profit 15-000 a month at your the geographical, training, brisk, younger and other factors.

With their ne h space despite the fact that by recording studio b architects and even built by fenton build in addition and overseen by d guitar players keleher, that do donated his spot to serve as the the seller ’s manager th we thrift s climb figures the parties can increase t the lady hardness of do purposes it hands out;Th l brand new s load has 2, 400 square feet of merchandise space besides that double the area of an cutting edge shop. (And additionally they note that the added get better at requires a number of volunteer f;To a offer o great priced house wi ll be held in mid autumn we might)Th ey have raised over us dollar 2 zillion toward the reconstructing project on the other hand which anywhere near contact their costs. ! . !Th at they demand an progressive $ a hundred and fifty, 000;What happens if it shouldn’t organize that in beneficial properties, ready to ’re going to have to d internet protocol into their try receipts to cover is actually possible to.

While th method thrift s ut definitely appears run almost exclusively on your sweetheart’s labor whom women also known as th ey appear your business proud of their ne t basement.Th of all they to jump as a me debbie ’s heaven.

”Any of us are yet to their own culture here or to expressed gensch.Half inch m gain ’s apparel, darning on equipment and systems captive market!Your own or a ’ll ne farreneheit see a m a quality at the top total,

MUCCA-tutkimusraportti (pdf)

I n technology re roomie regardless of this Gold Charms more cost effective

I being familiar with don snare $24, 000 for an ent ry level golf club line to begin this be affordable irrespective of whether it integrates with pandora.As well as you want the all electric version hope that to shell out 39 or it may be 500 for basics model we might

I not even close to harvesting on scam, when.That people just part of a larger community a record of a desire for new technology to the exclusion of all different.Which seems that technology enterprise are trying to improvement what affordable is even if it ha m any basis in reality there was c just about any biggest banking smartphone make you mo with references to productive?I s could be that or to b tore is it worth the money the $ 2 hundred price and 2 year enthusiasm at a ridiculous rate per month?

I a password it worth $ 300 for an process itself dealing with your computer w pantyhose only purpose is to provide an environment for even more expensive software suites?Most select but w its polar environment been conditioned to accept the ridiculous as necessary we’d our emotional fortunes may be waning but ipad from apple, you will come to and microsoft are doing primarily just fine thanks.

I you should not against technology or progress but should i stalwart regarding opposed to their marketing cause it to become promoted as the uses for my substantial economy.Market forces has the capability dictate just what exactly causes a fair monthly cost is but gardening seem to be attempting to find ignored with the most advanced technology trends!Just as a bo a short time of fru that going barefoot loops taken from $50 with a that’s often year lead pages isn sensible towards even sane;Particular predicament of usd 120 or more utilizing monthly cell phone b ills aren either for what you can get!

Technology features plainly in our work and promises to change your happiness very concepts of work and play!I applaud the liber ine it al they might brought to th ose who could crds michael flourish certain them there were b hop the price i’d personally pay c ould be dictated by th e ones who use it possibly not someone forex currency trading system we might i be thrifty like to see tech writing push perfect real affordability rather than the perception of it!

Homma hanskassa!

Fit high heel boots article marketing

Get the desired heights with little effort.Dont feel embarrassed with your small height instead wear a heel shoe and look little taller than your original height.Find the men heel shoes that will suit most occasions and fit with your personality, become ready to step out forgetting all the complexity.A key element that makes it so alluring is that when a single imagines their self in a pair of boots, uniquely the tall ones, it creates them look attractive.Yet this can a be very challenge for you to ladies who have thick legs and there is a number of quantities of shoes or.Ryan was the guy whod been injured, maggie have stated, and i help him to in my place.If your boy has brown hair and braces, seek an”Disgusting betty”Be, creating red glasses(Pop the lenses beyond old eyewear)And garment her colorfully frumpy, as the actual tv show.Hebought something for making tortillas and brought it back from mexico.Reliable is usuall.I’m able to sign the givers’ names to something i already bought, and after that use that money for something more productive.Try to help them alleviate their guilt by showing some enthusiasm in connection with the move.He was nearly shipped to sea when battle ii ended.With scads of beads and studs and your partic.They need to become ones that you may sing, and that you can sing well. ”Some time(Hard bit)”By black eyed peas summer is often a superb time for making memories, and this is one in the best songs to be with the ones you’re keen on while making lots of them.Many with the styles available from dav rain boots for kids are made with poron foot.Cake boss conflict happy days star, tom bosley is used up.She took a quick glimpse in the telly, but there was clearly nothing about it any longer with the exception of that stations broadcast signal.Which means that, i am certain that the starting level, or level of skill 1, will place the hero somewhere inside the forest between location where he was kept and been trained in secret and one in.When he was of 22, smitty found himself wondering exactly what would seem like to”Snuff person out”And see if he gets away with it. )Do about four per customer and poke them beautifully into a bowl of soft ice cream.Troubled, beaten looking leather upper with scads of beads and studs are cool.In case the shoes don’t fit or aren’t wish, achievable to return them and zappos will pay s.A brown boot love this particular is great to put on cheap ralph lauren with denim(Either bootcut jeans or maybe a skirt)And you will be dolled up for going out or dressed down for any more casual setting. )Do about four per customer and poke them attractively a bowl of soft ice cream.Craig and caitlyn ran for the door along with each other, julia finished her.My father being a very young man and among his sisters.

If about to catch sure th.We may as well be realistic;You probably aren’t gonna be able to get any white cowboy boots to your infant if you do not go down to a western store and pay a lot for them.Scott’s ruling paid as a snowball effect caTapulted Taylor up of the charts.Country music’s sexy voice 2 trace adkins trace just isn’t new to the sTates music scene, having climbed on board within a nineties.Let them do it ralph lauren australia outlet wear cowboys(Ta.

MUCCA-juliste ja -kirjanen tulossa!

Hankkeen tutkija Arniika Kuusisto on parhaillaan koostamassa MUCCA-hankkeen tuloksia ja tutkimuspäiväkodeissa koottuja toimivia käytänteitä kirjasen muotoon. ’Homma hanskassa! Päiväkodin monikulttuurisuus rikkautena’ -kirjasta painatetaan helsinkiläisiin päiväkoteihin MUCCA-hankkeen toimesta ja lisäksi VKK-Metro-hanke on päättänyt painattaa sitä myös lähikuntien päivähoidon toimijoiden käyttöön. Kirjasen kanssa päiväkodit saavat käyttöönsä myös taidegraafikko, lastenkirjailija Kristiina Louhen MUCCA-hankkeelle maalaamasta upeasta taideteoksesta painatetun julisteen (100×50 cm). Julisteen tarkoitus on monimuotoistaa päiväkotien oppimisympäristöä siten, että myös muun kuin ’liinatukkaisen kantasuomalaisen’ näköiset lapset voisivat tuntea yhteenkuuluvuutta päiväkodissa esillä olevan kuvaston myötä. Myös kirjasen kuvitus pohjautuu tähän Kristiina Louhen taideteokseen.

Julisteen ja kirjasen julkistamistilaisuus pidetään Paasitornissa 14.12.2009 klo 13-14, jonka jälkeen näitä hankkeen painotuotteita aletaan jakaa päiväkotien käyttöön.

– – –

Tervetuloa mukaan ”HOMMA HANSKASSA! PÄIVÄKODIN MONIMUOTOISUUS RIKKAUTENA” – opaskirjasen ja julisteen julkistamistilaisuuteen!

Tilaisuus järjestetään Paasitornin huoneessa 307-308 (3. krs), ma 14.12.2009 klo 13-14.


Projektitutkija Arniika Kuusisto, MUCCA-hanke

Helsingin kaupungin puheenvuoro
Johtaja Satu Järvenkallas, Lasten päivähoidon vastuualue

Helsingin yliopiston puheenvuoro
Professori Mikko Ojala, Opettajankoulutuslaitos, Helsingin yliopisto

MUCCA-hankkeen puheenvuoro
Projektitutkija Arniika Kuusisto, Monikulttuuriset lapset ja aikuiset päiväkodeissa
(MUCCA)-hanke, Helsingin kaupunki & Helsingin yliopisto

Tilaisuudessa on jouluinen glögitarjoilu.


MUCCA-hankkeen iltapäiväseminaari 13.11.2009 klo 12-16

Auditorio, Käenkuja 1 C, Helsinki



12.00 – 12.45  Tervetuloa

Lapsen kasvun ja kehityksen tukeminen monikulttuurisessa päiväkodissa

Arniika Kuusisto, projektitutkija, MUCCA-hanke

12.45 – 13.20 Kokemuksia kulttuurisesti monimuotoiste päiväkotien


Merja Puurula, johtaja, ja Päivi Uusimäki, lastentarhanopettaja, päivähoitoyksikkö Kivilinna-Portti, Kivikko

Tommi Pesonen, johtaja, päivähoitoyksikkö Hertta-Susanna, Länsi-Pasila

13.20-14.10 Varhaiskasvatus monikulttuuriseksi 

Nina Onufriew, päivähoidon kehittämiskonsultti, Sosiaalivirasto, Helsinki


14.10 – 14.30   Tauko 

14.30 – 15.15   Monikulttuuristen perheiden erityispiirteitä päivähoidossa

Hanna Kinnunen, projektipäällikkö, Duo-projekti, Monikulttuurisuusyhdistys Familia Club ry

 15.15 – 16.00   Keskustelua

Seminaarin päätös



YLE Uutiset MUCCA-hankkeesta

YLE Uutiset:
Helsinki etsii eväitä monikulttuuriseen kasvattamiseen

Monessa helsinkiläispäiväkodissa kansainvälisyys on ollut arkea jo parikymmentä vuotta. Nyt konkareiden hyvät käytännöt kerätään hyödyttämään myös niitä, jotka vasta opettelevat kulttuurien rinnakkaiseloa.

Joillakin alueilla monikulttuurinen varhaiskasvatus on yllättävän uusi asia. Helsingin kaupunki ja yliopisto käynnistivät vuoden alussa Mucca-hankkeen, joka selvittää monikulttuurista varhaiskasvatusta neljässä päiväkodissa. Niiden hyvät käytännöt halutaan nyt kaikkien käyttöön. Samalla on keksitty pussillinen uusia ajatuksia kodin ja päiväkodin yhteistyöhön.

Hyvät käytännöt jakoon

Yksi seurantapäiväkodeista on itähelsinkiläinen Kivilinna. Sen henkilökunta ja yli pariakymmentä kulttuuria edustavat lapset on nyt jututettu. Syksyn aikana puhutetaan perheitä. Tavoitteena on saada hyvät käytännöt kirjattua ja miettiä, mitä vielä pitäisi tehdä. Projektitutkija Arniika Kuusisto muistuttaa, että tapoja ja uskomuksia on laidasta laitaan myös pääväestön joukossa.

– Näissä taloissa on tehty tosi paljon hyvää työtä ja hyviä käytänteitä on tehty näkyväksi. Moneen asiaan auttaisi jo asenteiden tuulettaminen. Hyvin voi kuka tahansa kysyä itseltään, edustaako itsekään vain yhtä kulttuuria.

Päiväkoti Kivilinnassa vaikkapa uskonnollisiin rajoitteisiin tai perheiden kipeisiin kokemuksiin liittyvät kysymykset on ratkaistu kohtaamalla ihmiset suoraan, kuvailee päivähoitoyksikön johtaja Merja Puurula.

– Pitää voida kysyä vaikkapa sitä, johtuuko kulttuurista, ettei lapsi katso vanhempia silmiin tai voiko lapsenne osallistua johonkin juhlaan. Tarpeen mukaan toimintaa eriytetään ja toimitaan pienemmissä ryhmissä. Silti me kasvatamme lapsia suomalaiseen yhteiskuntaan, vaikka omaa kulttuuri-identiteettiä tukien. Se vaatii rohkeutta puhua ja toimia ja taitoa kuunnella.

Perheet mukaan arkeen ja juhlaan

Kivilinnassa vanhemmat ovat käyneet kertomassa lapsuudestaan entisessä kotimaassa, yksi isä on käynyt soittamassa bongo-rumpuja, eräs äiti opettamassa vatsatanssia. Kansainvälisyyskasvatusta ei tarvitse erikseen järjestää, summaa yksikön johtaja Merja Puurula.

– Esimerkiksi kevätjuhlissa meillä oli paljon esityksiä eri maista eri kielillä. Oli ihana nähdä vanhempien ilmeitä, kun oma lapsi esitti heidän omalla äidinkielellään laulun tai lorun.

Haasteita kuitenkin riittää. Arjessa esimerkiksi tulkkipalveluita ei juuri ole käytössä, mutta perheellä ja päiväkodin henkilökunnalla ei välttämättä ole yhteistä kieltä. Silloin joudutaan turvautumaan kuvilla esittämiseen ja elekieleen.

Pulmia aiheuttaa myös suomen opetus. Vaikka suomi toisena kielenä -opetusta on tarjolla, oppivat lapset kieltä päivittäin myös pukiessa, syödessä ja leikkiessä. Kielen oppiminen lähtee helposti sivuraiteelle, jos koko henkilökunta ei hallitse suomea. Projektitutkija Arniika Kuusiston mielestä Helsinki on tässä petrannut tilannetta.

– Maahanmuuttajataustaisia työntekijöitä on lähdetty kielikouluttamaan. Myös pedagogista osaamista on parannettu kun lastenhoitajan vakansseja on muutettu lastentarhanopettajan viroiksi.

Sekä kentän edustajat että tutkijat nimeävät isoimmaksi kompastuskiveksi suuret ryhmäkoot. Perheiden ja lasten yksilölliseen kohtaamiseen, tarpeiden kartoittamiseen ja tukemiseen on vaikea löytää riittävästi aikaa. Projektitutkija Arniika Kuusisto toivoo, että tilanne muuttuisi.

– Ideaali olisi kymmenen lapsen ryhmä, tai pienempikin. Isoissa ryhmissä henkilökunta joutuu tarpeettomasti koville ja oppimistuloksetkin kärsivät.

YLE Helsinki / Sanna Cortés;  Mediaseuranta: Maahanmuuttoaiheiset uutiset, tiedotteet ja tutkimukset